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The Benefits Of a 2 in 1 crib and how it save you $100s of dollars

Step 1 Crib

Step 2 Toddler Bed

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 AFG Convertible Cribs are #1 Rated and Best Quality,Best Price

convertible crib is the best baby furniture investment if you don't want to have to buy your child another bed. Convertible cribs turn into toddler beds and can be further converted into full beds (using the long sides as the head and footboard) when your child is ready. One major downside to most convertible cribs is that they don't have a drop side which is more convenient when laying the baby down.

The Perfect Nursery Accessories: Changing Table,Dresser,Combo Dresser

Buy a changing table that can also be used as a dresser. Many baby changing tables are simply a table with a few shelves below. This will be fine for your baby, but you likely won't be able to use it as a piece of bedroom furniture a few years from now. While a changing table/dresser combination is most likely more expensive upfront, it's a piece of furniture you'll be able to use well into the future. When your child outgrows the changing table top, remove it, and add a mirror

 AFG Baby Furniture Sets are best in class styles for Less

Don't buy a partial baby furniture set. If you buy the crib now, and plan to get the matching dresser and end table later, you risk the set being discontinued. Instead, invest in every piece upfront, even if they can't fit them into the baby nursery just yet. At the very least, get the conversion rails to turn the crib into a bed. The other option is mix and match furniture for your baby's nursery. This way you won't risk not getting all the pieces to the baby furniture set

Decorate Your Nursery with many Styles,finishes,and color With high Quality AFG Baby Furniture. So

Buy baby furniture in a color that doesn't scream "baby." White maybe cute for a newborn little boy, but your 15 year old son probably won't want white furniture. White painted furniture is fine for any age girl. Stained wood is always a classic for bedroom furniture and is suited for any age child

The Most Beautiful Baby Crib Bedding 

  1. Add flare to the nursery with accessories instead of baby furniture. You may really want a pink crib for your little girl, but instead, get a white or cherry wood crib, paint the walls pink and decorate with pink baby bedding. Buy simple lamp stands, and swap out the lamp shades to match your child's preference throughout the years. Use removable wall decals to add color and depth, rather than painting a mural.


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